Reading Group

The Narrative Encounters team regularly meets to read and discuss books in the field of cognitive narratology and/or race and ethnicity studies to enrich our thinking and ongoing research projects. Interested students and colleagues are welcome to join us for these discussions.

Next meeting:

April 1, 2020

Suzanne Keen, Empathy and the Novel

Past meetings:

January 13, 2020

James J. Donahue, Contemporary Native Fiction: Toward a Narrative Poetics of Survivance

December 4, 2019

Paula Moya, The Social Imperative: Race, Close Reading, and Contemporary Literary Criticism

October 2, 2019

Christopher González, Permissible Narratives: The Promise of Latino/a Literature

July 10, 2019

James Donahue, Jennifer Ann Ho, and Shaun Morgan (eds.), Narrative, Race, and Ethnicity in the United States

April 3 2019

Patrick Colm Hogan, Literature and Emotion

Jan 16, 2019

Frederick Luis Aldama and Patrick Colm Hogan, Conversations on Cognitive Cultural Studies: Literature, Language, and Aesthetics

December 4, 2018

Sue Kim, On Anger: Race, Cognition, Narrative

October 3, 2018

Howard Sklar, The Art of Sympathy in Fiction: Forms of Ethical and Emotional Persuasion